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Easter Wishlist

Easter is just around the corner and I wanted to share some ideas about creative kids’ stuff and some easy some treats to sweeten your holiday plan.

Crafting Ideas

Normally we would start with dying Easter eggs a couple of days before Easter Sunday. I found this link super cool and learned that you can dye eggs with food coloring, something most of us have at home.


Hugging Bunny Rabbits Easter Treats

If you want to craft something for friends, this is easy but so cool.


Pompom Bunnies

I have been following this account for a long time, and @hellofeebee always has the best ideas. This time I fell in love with the pompom bunnies - you should try them with your kids.


Gift Ideas

Here are some gift ideas for your little ones from Infant to Kindergarten.

Indestructible Books

These durable Tyvek books can’t be ripped or torn, and safe to chew. You can even put the books in the dishwasher!

Egg Sidewalk Chalk

Whose kid doesn't like chalk? You can also take them out of the package and hide them in different places.

I found this basket and they are super cute and could definitely be used beyond Easter. 


Scratch-me Bucket-list Kids movies 

With this poster you never have to scroll through all the streaming channels to find the right movie. Your child can scratch it all by themself. Or if the next backyard movie night is coming soon how cool would it be to let the group decide which film to scratch!

Lego Creator Easter Bunny

Never forget to add some Legos on a wish list. This special Easter bunny is perfect for little kids and fosters their fine motor skills and patience.

Pencil case

The next outdoor adventure with your child is all about drawing something they see. Pack the pencil case and a scratch book and draw scenes from nature and its beauty. This case fits 18 pencils and rolls up easily. And you can personalize it with their name.


Astronaut Freeze-dried Ice-cream Sandwich

Seeing the earth from space is probably every child’s dream. While you can't go to space yet, you can at least try the food astronauts are eating. This no-mess, no-melt snack or dessert can be stored for up to 3 years. No refrigeration required.

 Let's color America

This coloring poster is by far one of the best in my opinion. Learning all names of all states and their specialties is really a thing. Can you tell me all 50 states (and Washington D.C) by name and all the neighboring states?


Reusable Dinosaur Sticker Book

Well, dinosaurs (it would seem), are by far the most fascinating things for children. If you get this dinosaur reusable sticker book for Easter, you can treat yourself too by having the most quiet and relaxing dinner in a long time. Just find a table at the window, and you should be all set.

Lindt Hazelnut Chocolate Carrots

Honestly, I am not the biggest chocolate fan except for chocolate fondue, but these carrots are really good and such a sweet idea to hide for the Easter hunt.


Meal Bags for Pre-K

If you are looking for a lunch bag that your child can carry all by theirself, you don't look no further. It has a wide opening that can accommodate up to three bento boxes or an assortment of bottles and other baby-care items. An internal thermal layer keeps foods temperature-regulated so that they stay as hot or as cold as you intended.



Pear Pod Multi functional Organizer

This Pear Pod Multifunctional Desktop Organizer is an awesome storage system, with enough room for pencils and scissors and other treasures. The Pear Pod is also a fun way to serve snacks, from small bread sticks to cookies and vegetable sticks.

For you!

diptyque perfume

I personally think that diptyque has the best fragrances when it comes to perfume and eau de toilette. I have been using my perfume for years and it's still amazing. I stopped while breastfeeding, to not distract the baby from their most needed mom fragrance. Here is my favorite and it lasts forever. Perfect push present as well.


Twisted Candles

These candles will make your space.


My friends know that I have a huge sweet tooth and that I celebrate the passing of 3PM each day with coffee and cake.

I just came across a really funny recipe, that I thought is worth sharing.

Most German bakeries sell this really famous pastry called an "Amerikaner" (engl. "American") . I couldn't find a proper explanation for the name, but I found this really good recipe and it's definitely a perfect Easter snack.

If you want to spruce it up a little bit more add extra icing with yellow food coloring and make little egg yolks on top of the white icing. Delicious.




Orange-Pomegranate Easter Salad

Any recipe with pomegranate is going to be messy. But I found these frozen or ready-to-go boxes ate the grocery store and this makes such a difference. Pomegranate paired with fresh green salad and oranges are such an amazing refreshing salad. Try it. It's so good and easy!


And after all these amazing links for you, here are some new things from our shop that might also be perfect gifts for friends and family with children.

Easter at Lovely Margarethe

These summer blankets in grey, blue and rosé are just incredible soft and your child will love this blanket.

Our disana dresses are made by the lightest wool possible and a lot of research and love went into those products. These dresses are adorable and perfect for every child that wants to do Easter egg hunt in style.

These baby rompers are an absolute must-have for little spring babies.


You'll get a 15% discount on all our available products (including sales, excluding rental options) until Sunday April 17. Code: EASTER15


Have fun and we wish you all a peaceful Easter with your family. 

Yours, Nadja















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