Our Story

I am a Portland, Oregon based German mom that moved to the United States in 2020. I founded Lovely Margarethe because I was completely surprised by the lack of high-quality kids clothing in the States and the knowledge gap that moms in the US face in learning how to care for new children.

Giving birth in Germany, moms have it very different. Throughout the birth process and for three to six weeks following birth, we are accompanied by a midwife who provides guidance that grows your confidence in being a new parent in this world of information overload.

As a (New) Parent Educator I thrive on empowering pregnant women and new parents with the knowledge and tools needed for one of the biggest changes in their lives.

With Lovely Margarethe, you don't just get a great selection of clothing, but also the know-how to make your kids feel home.

Yours, Nadja

As my grandmother used to say: “Es gibt kein falsches Wetter, es gibt nur falsche Kleidung.” (There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.)