Rental FAQ

We pause our rental program over the summer and will be back August 2023 with more wonderful products.


1. Rent our kids’ essentials month-to-month without paying a deposit or creating an account. Search for your product, choose color and size and pick a start date. Once you have done this, go to checkout and make a payment. We will follow up with you with shipping information. Easy as it is.

2. When it's time to return the garment you can either decide to rent the garment for another month or we will provide you with a free return shipping label. We will send you an email 1 week before the rental period is over.

3. All of our items are professionally cleaned. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every garment looks and feels fresh.


Get to know our incredible products a month at a time!



What happens if the item gets lost, damaged, or stained?

Your rental agreement covers minor mishaps and general wear and tear. Significant damage, lost pieces, and theft are not covered. In those cases, you will be charged the current RTR Purchase Price (aka the “to buy” price) of the item plus applicable tax.


Do I have to clean the item before I return it?

No. We will professionally clean your garment. But, if your kids do get dirty (and they will!), dirt can be removed by hand with a damp cloth. Stains must be treated with gall soap.

We will send you an email with the care instructions for your product. Make sure to check your inbox and read carefully. If you need to wash the item, please make sure to wash in water cooler than 86 degrees Fahrenheit.


Can I buy the product?

Yes! Just send us an email and we will send you an invoice to pay the balance of the retail price (less your accrued rental fees) and the product is yours. If you do choose to buy our garments, we also offer a Buy-Back program. We will offer to purchase the product once your child has outgrown it and offer it to new parents. Prices vary based on the time it has been used and overall condition.


Make sure to take a look at our rental agreement or reach out to us via email.