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Knitted Bonnet

Knitted Bonnet

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Especially newborns who have just arrived in this world should feel secure and comfortable. disana’s unisex knitted bonnet protects baby’s sensitive head and wraps it tenderly into warm and soft organic merino wool. Perfect for the first walks outside.
With a special cut and extra fine flatlock seams, disana make sure that nothing pinches while lying down. Two wide, flexible knitted ribbons avoid that the bonnet shifts. The extra soft merino wool ensures that nothing feels itchy.

Care instructions


Care information

A wool article doesn’t have to be washed frequently. Most of the time, airing is perfectly sufficient. We recommend a handwash with lukewarm water (about 25°C) and a mild wool shampoo, e.g. the disana wool shampoo. If you prefer a machine wash, please always use the wool setting and make sure that the spin rotation is very low and the temperature not more than 20°C. Please don't dry boiled-wool and knitted articles on the line, because it'll damage the fit. It's better to dry them in a lying position. Preferably not in the hot midday sun, rather indoors or in the setting sun.

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