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Waterproof Fanny Pack for Children and Adults

Waterproof Fanny Pack for Children and Adults

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Carry all the essentials for your adventure in the Fanny Pack. It’s 100% waterproof and has a single front pocket with brass snaps that’s designed for keeping valuables safe and dry. The adjustable hip strap features lovely brass details and it’s designed to fit any size.


100% Recycled Polyester

Care information

You can safely put fairechild outerwear in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and ensure the water is warm, below 40 degrees Celsius.We recommend using the dyer on a low setting after each wash, as heat will reactivateand strengthen the waterproof coating. The eco-repel finish otherwise starts to relax aftertwenty washes.If you’d like to iron your garments, use asetting that’sbelow 110 degrees Celsius andavoid the reflective transfers. fairechild products should not be dry cleaned or bleached.

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