New Kids In The House

Discover the original 5-Panel Cap Designs from Germany

“New Kids in the House”—formerly known as “New Kids in the Hood”—was founded in 2018 by Sarah Seidel and Florian Pohrer with the mission to produce sustainable future kidswear. The brand focuses on upcycling of post consumer waste and industrial leftovers—fabrics, that are normally shreddered to cleaning rags, landfilled or incinerated.

The name is a homage to the founders teenage years and to the fearless and colorful style of the 80s and 90s. “New Kids in the House” dives deep into the past to find real treasures and bring them back with a contemporary twist.

There is also a second meaning to the brands name. It was summer 2016 when Sarah started organizing a playgroup for moms and their kids in the emergency shelters as part of her social work studies. There she met Hamdi—a refugee and production manager from Syria—with whom she started sewing kids clothes. Hamdi is now employed at NKitH and is a vital part of the company. In memory of those days when there were so many new kids around the original name came up: “New Kids in the Hood”.

All of the caps are produced in the New Kids Studio in Nuremberg, Germany.

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