Harfmann Piccolino

Sarah Harfmann is the founder of the label harfmann piccolino.

In winter 2017, she founded harfmann piccolino. At that time, she had just become a mother myself, which led her to delve deeply into baby and toddler clothing.

From my years of experience in the fashion industry, grew the desire to create sustainable and timeless clothing with a focus on kids wear. Here, she wanted to offer an appealing alternative to fast fashion products. Overloaded designs, clothing that falls apart after just one season - all of this reinforced my desire to create a product that stands against these trends.

harfmann piccolino stands for aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and longevity.

In the choice of materials used, we consciously focus on natural fibers: we process wool, linen, cotton, hemp, and Tencel.

Sarah pays particular attention to the quality of the fabrics and high-quality craftsmanship, so that they can achieve the longest possible durability of the textiles. The garments can thus be passed on to siblings and friends, for example. Due to their timeless character, the clothing can be worn across different seasons.

We consciously strive to conserve resources and minimize transportation routes.

A respectful and appreciative approach to people and nature is a prerequisite for their actions. They exclusively produce in Europe.

Ingredients are selected with great care, so that customers can rely on them to adhere to the highest standards of sustainability.

Harfmann piccolino's goal is to create a collection for children and adults based on these values.

We're welcoming Harfmann piccolino as their first retailer in the US! Shop the products here.