disana garment care

For optimal results, hand wash your wool items in the sink of your bathroom. It offers the ideal volume and ergonomic height for comfortable washing. You'll need a mild wool shampoo. Begin by filling the sink with lukewarm water (around 25 degrees Celsius) and adding the wool shampoo, gently mixing it in. Then, place the woolen item into the water.

For tougher stains, you can carefully treat them with ox-gall soap beforehand, a well-known natural stain remover. Gently press the item, repeating the process as needed. Avoid wringing or rubbing the product; instead, gently push it for 1-2 minutes at most.

Once washed, remove the woolen item from the water and rinse it thoroughly with fresh water at the same temperature (around 25 degrees Celsius). Carefully squeeze out excess water. To dry, avoid hanging, as this can misshape the item. Instead, lay it flat on a towel or across a drying rack. Reshape it while damp and let it dry away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

If you prefer a machine wash, please always use the wool setting and make sure that the spin rotation is very low and the temperature not more than 20°C.
It's best to wash wool as infrequently as possible, as wool is self-cleaning. Its unique surface repels dirt, odors, and sweat, preventing them from penetrating the fibers. Often, airing out the woolen item is sufficient to remove surface dirt and ensure hygiene.

Please understand that our and the disana policy does not cover claims related to shrinkage. We recommend reviewing our care instructions provided above ensure proper maintenance.