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Since 1991 PICKAPOOH specializes on design and hand-production of ecologically sound, trendy and high-quality hats and other accessories that kids love to wear for their perfect t. In 1998 we switched our production fully to using organic materials exclusively. We live up to strict ecological criteria and social responsibility to the full benfiet of people, animals, plants and our environment.

Ever since 1998 PICKAPOOH solely works with natural fabrics,
offering an all-year round collection of hats and matching accessoires.
We solely produce „MADE IN GERMANY“, respecting internationally accepted social standards and work only with x-contracted employees. Without a team that enjoys working together in creating great products, PICKAPOOH would be unthinkable! Our small family-style company ticks like a clock and each individual is indispensable for our „to order“ production. With personal drive everyone on everyday helps making our hats and accessories something really special. We work exclusively with merino wool from ecologically raised livestock (kontrolliert biologische Tierhaltung (kbT)]. Respect and appreciation for humans and animals alike are the guiding principles of ecological
upbringing of animals. The sheep live species-appropriately, healthy and stress-free! The range lands full all climatic and ecological requirements. No pesticides are used on the land and the animals. The animals can breed naturally, don’t get their tails cut and can keep their horns. In short, new wool from happy animals.

The fabric mix of merino wool and silk is ideal for our hats and scarves, as this material regulates temperature and humidity very well and thus supports a healthy skin climate. Our hats made from this mix of 70% organic merino wool (kbT) and 30% silk are comfortable and enjoyably to wear.
And we also use solely organic cotton (kontrolliert biologischer Anbau (kbA)). Organic cotton farming does not use any chemically synthesized fertilizers and pesticides. Genetically modied seeds are forbidden. It is the chosen abdication of potentially negative influences on humans, health and the environment.

We do support fair trade and do business respecting human dignity.
Not only baby skin needs special protection from dangerous UV radiation! For that - in 2004 - PICKAPOOH introduced the first-ever textile UV protection from purely organic cotton.

Certified according to the UV Standard 801 this collection offers reliable UV protection without chemicals.

Recommended by „Stiftung Warentest“, this standard tests everyday-use conditions: wet, stretched and repeatedly washed. By these strict procedures it exceeds the widely used Australian Standard,
as this only tests new and dry fabric once.

Materials with an UPF of 40 by the Australian Standard sometimes drop to an UPF of 5 once re-tested to the rigorous criteria of UV Standard 801.

PICKAPOOH is your brand for the entire family - starting with newborns, through toddlers, kindergarten and school kids to „fully“ grown-ups.

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