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Baby / Kids Merino Wool Leggings

Baby / Kids Merino Wool Leggings

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Why Choose Our Baby / Kids Merino Wool Leggings?

Romping, running, and playing - the activities that define a child's day. Our disana leggings are designed for unrestricted movement, crafted from luxurious soft merino wool with a fine rip knit for exceptional flexibility and elasticity. An interior rubber waistband ensures the leggings stay snugly in place without constricting the wearer.


Our Baby / Kids Merino Wool Leggings are crafted with the finest merino wool to provide your children with maximum comfort and warmth. These leggings are not just functional but also stylish, making them the perfect addition to your child's wardrobe.

The softness of the merino wool ensures a comfortable fit without the itchiness commonly associated with woolen products. It is also breathable and has moisture-wicking properties to keep your child dry and comfortable all day.

The strength of the merino wool adds to the durability of the leggings, ensuring they can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday play. Grab a pair for your child today and provide them with the comfort and warmth they deserve.


Special characteristics of our knitted-leggings

- elastic and stretchable rib knit
- waistband with sewn-in elastic tape


Made in Germany.


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