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Baby Wool/Silk Long-Sleeved Bodysuit

Baby Wool/Silk Long-Sleeved Bodysuit

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Why Choose Our Baby Wool/Silk Long-Sleeved Bodysuit?

This bodysuit is made from a delicate blend of organic wool and mulberry silk, perfect for a baby's sensitive skin. The press studs make for easy diaper changes and the long-sleeved design offers warmth and coziness. 70% wool and 30% silk ensures an extra soft and luxurious feel.

GOTS certified. Made in Germany.


If you're looking for a comfortable and soft bodysuit for your baby, then look no further than our baby wool/silk long-sleeved bodysuit. Our bodysuit is made from the perfect blend of wool and silk which ensures your baby stays comfortable all day long.


Our bodysuit is designed with your little one in mind. It is soft to the touch and gentle on the skin, making it the perfect choice for babies with delicate skin. The long-sleeved design ensures your baby stays warm and cozy in colder weather, while the wool and silk blend keeps your baby cool in warmer weather.


Our baby wool/silk long-sleeved bodysuit is also designed for practicality. It features easy and convenient snap closures at the bottom for hassle-free diaper changes. The bodysuit is also easy to care for and machine washable, making it perfect for busy parents.


Overall, our baby wool/silk long-sleeved bodysuit is the perfect choice for parents looking for a comfortable and practical bodysuit for their little one. It is soft, gentle, and designed with your baby in mind. Buy now and ensure your little one stays comfortable all day long!


70% Organic Wool, 30% Mulberry Silk

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