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Toddler/Kids Waterproof and Stylish Rain Coat

Toddler/Kids Waterproof and Stylish Rain Coat

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Protect your child from the elements with our Toddler/Kids Waterproof and Stylish Rain Coat

The Midi is one of fairechild most popular pieces, reminiscent of classic raincoats. With an above-the-knee hemline to cut wind chill and raglan sleeves, the Midi offers simple, functional style. Deep side pockets are perfect for tucking hands and keeping essentials safe. Paired with warm wool underlayers, this raincoat can be worn year-round.

Toddlers and kids love to play, and what better way to keep them dry than with our Waterproof and Stylish Rain Coat. Designed with kids in mind, this raincoat is waterproof, keeping your little one dry during those unexpected downpours. Its stylish design makes it something your child will want to wear, combining practicality with fashion.

Our Toddler/Kids Waterproof and Stylish Rain Coat is perfect for any child who loves the outdoors. It's easy to put on and take off, making it perfect for quick changes when the weather turns. The coat also includes safety features like reflective stripes and a hood to keep your child safe and visible.

With our Waterproof and Stylish Rain Coat, you don't need to fear the rain. Your child can play, explore, and enjoy the outdoors, no matter the weather. Buy our Toddler/Kids Waterproof and Stylish Rain Coat today and keep your child dry, safe, and stylish.

Fit: Generous straight cut, above-the-knee length, asymmetrical closure, raglan sleeves, adjustable cuffs, nape neckline, attached hood


Care information

Our parent friendly outerwear is machine washable! Wash in warm water under 40 degrees Celsius. We recommend putting the garment in the dryer after every wash or when wet to reactivate the eco-repel waterproof coating on the garment. Ironing can also reactivate the waterproof coating. Iron on a low setting not exceeding 110 degrees Celsius. (Do not iron the reflective transfers). Fairechild products should not be bleached or dry cleaned. For stain removal, all stain removal products are considered safe on our garments. Please follow instructions as per the stain remover you are using. Avoid using abrasive material when scrubbing and instead use a soft cloth or the fabric itself. Put the garment in the washing machine following this procedure for the best results The eco-repel finish on our garments can begin to relax and weaken after 20 washes. Heat reactivates and strengthens the coating of our garments. For the best results, we highly suggest putting your garment in the dryer every time you wash it. This will reinforce the eco-repel finish on the garment. You can recoat our garments. We recommend using an eco-friendly coating product. We have not had a negative outcome yet with any coating products. There is also waterproof, breathable membrane beneath the top layer which stops water from penetrating the fabric. The waterproof membrane has a water column of 20 000 mm (meaning the amount of water it can endure before leaking). Our garments can withstand at least 2-3 hours of rain before there is potential for the waterproof membrane to get overwhelmed and leak through. All of our products also have tape seams to stop leaks.

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